Fire Risk Assessment in Lymington

We were called in by restaurant owner Gavin to carry out a fire risk assessment in Lymington. Located prominently on the High Street in Lymington is the High Street Kitchen. They support local businesses by using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients and offer fine dining in pleasant surroundings.

The premises were formerly a pizza restaurant, and we were asked to help by owner Gavin after he had renovated the restaurant. The first step was to carry out a fire risk assessment and then use that as a basis to move forward and implement any additional required actions. There were several old fire extinguishers left behind from the previous occupier and we inspected these and serviced the ones that were in good condition so that they could continue to be used. As the restaurant was going to be using some deep fat fryers, we installed some additional Class F fire extinguishers to provide protection for these fire risks. The last step was to provide a couple of polished chrome fire extinguisher stands for the public areas of the restaurant in keeping with the decor.

We really enjoyed working with Gavin and his team. We found them friendly, receptive to advice and readily provided the information we needed to carry out our work.


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