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How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced?

Basic Annual Servicing

Unless they are a maintenance free type, portable fire extinguishers require servicing every 12 months. During this service extinguishers are visually inspected for damage, the weight and pressure are checked and consumable items like o-rings, seals and anti-tamper tags are changed. Part of the service procedure is to check that the fire extinguishers are still suitable for the premises and fire risks and that there are enough available to fight a fire.

Extended Servicing

Every 5 years water, foam and powder extinguishers require a discharge test. This is where the extinguisher is discharged, the internal lining is inspected and then the extinguisher is refilled and repressurised. Due to issues with discharging and refilling foam and powder extinguishers onsite it is normally advised to replace them.  Carbon dioxide extinguishers require an overhaul every 10 years from the date stamped on the cylinder. At this point CO2 extinguishers are normally replaced.

Fire extinguisher servicing costs

Our prices for fire extinguisher maintenance in Hampshire depend on several factors including the number of extinguishers and the type of building. As a general guide our prices start from £65 plus VAT. If you include your fire extinguisher servicing with another service that we provide, and have it carried out at the same time we can often offer a discount. Often our customers get their fire extinguisher servicing carried out at the same time as their PAT Testing or fire risk assessment.

Why use us?

We offer fixed price servicing quotes with no hidden charges.
Competent staff who have passed BAFE approved training courses and attend refresher courses every 3 years.
Booking confirmation emailed to you with your date and time slot.
All servicing carried out in accordance with British Standard BS 5306.
We neatly asset tag all extinguishers and label them for ease of identification.
Detailed PDF servicing report emailed on completion listing all items checked and any further actions required.

Fire Extinguisher servicing in Hampshire

Our fire extinguishers maintenance prices are straightforward with no hidden charges.

Our prices include:

  • Site attendance and parking.
  • Conducting basic annual servicing on your extinguishers.
  • All the normal consumable parts such as o-rings, tamper seals and service labels.
  • Maintenance report in accordance with BS5306.
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