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What fire extinguishers do I need?

Essentially this will vary and be dependent on the fire risks present at a particular premises. Your fire risk assessment should give guidance on the number and type of fire extinguishers that you require for that particular premises.

We refer to BS5306 which gives guidance on the types of extinguishers required for particular fire risks and the calculations to determine how many extinguishers are required.

If you need advice on the number and type of extinguishers for your premises then please fill in our contact form and we will get in touch to discuss your needs.

Can I buy fire extinguishers online?

Yes, you can buy virtually anything online and the prices may seem tempting however there are some drawbacks.

  • You will have to pay the full amount for the extinguishers you order upfront.
  • You will still need to get the extinguishers commissioned by a fire extinguisher company. If an extinguisher is faulty or has been damaged in transit you will have to send it back and get a replacement. This will then entail another commissioning visit at additional expense.
  • You may have to wall mount the extinguishers and attach the signage yourself.
  • You may be buying the wrong types of extinguishers meaning that you may then have to purchase the correct extinguishers at additional expense. People often buy powder extinguishers online thinking it is a cheap option because they can use a single extinguisher on Class A, B, C and electrical fires but don’t realise that they should not generally be specified for indoor use.
  • The extinguishers that you are buying may not be CE marked, Kitemarked or in the case of CO2 extinguishers may be refurbished units which are already 10 years old.
  • You will have to dispose of all the packaging material yourself which may include a wooden pallet.

For more information on the drawbacks of buying fire extinguishers online, check out the guide to buying fire extinguishers on the UK Fire Association website.

How much do fire extinguishers cost?

The majority of fire extinguishers that we supply will normally cost between £50-£60 plus VAT each. Specialist extinguishers such as Class D, Class F and Fire extinguishers for Lithium batteries will cost more.

When comparing prices with other companies or online retailers please remember to bear in mind that our prices include:

  • Fire extinguishers that are CE marked, Kitemarked or LPCB approved.
  • All new fire extinguishers that we supply are new, we do not supply refurbished units.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Delivery, commissioning and installation.
  • Asset tagging and labelling.
  • Certification.
  • Removal of all waste and packaging materials.

Why buy fire extinguishers from us?

We are able to supply a wide range of fire extinguishers in Hampshire to suit all needs.
We provide a 5 year warranty as standard on all new fire extinguishers that we provide.
We install and commission your extinguishers in accordance with BS5306.
We remove all waste and packaging materials.
We can supply all the required accessories such as stands and signage.
Prices for our extinguishers include delivery, installation and commissioning.

Fire Extinguishers in Hampshire

All extinguishers that we supply are covered with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind. We can supply all types of fire extinguisher to suit all of the normal requirements found in the workplace. Our prices include delivery, installation, commissioning, certification and removal of all packaging materials. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements please feel free to give us a call.

Fire Extinguishers

What you should look for when buying Fire Extinguishers

Not all fire extinguishers are made equal. Cheap fire extinguishers can be substandard and often fail to perform as intended.  All fire extinguishers that we supply are CE marked and additionally also either  BSI Kite Marked or Loss Prevention Standard Certified. We only supply high quality, certified products.

BSI Kitemark

We also supply fire extinguisher stands, trolleys and cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Stands

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