Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Petersfield

Located in the quiet countryside just outside Petersfield is the Edward Barnsley Workshop where they create bespoke furniture of exceptional quality.

In this type of premises hand held power tools are commonly used so it is essential that they are safe. One of the problems with these types of power tools is that the flexes often get damaged. When we have found this whilst carrying out PAT Testing we have been able to repair these tools which is more cost effective than replacing them and also less hassle.

Recently we have carried out the fire extinguisher servicing. One of the issues identified was that the siting of the extinguishers was haphazard and some of them were mounted too high on the walls. We came up with a new siting plan that meant that all fire extinguishers were evenly distributed throughout the building and remounted them so that they were at the correct height. We replaced some out of date extinguishers with some of our new British manufactured ones which benefit from our 5 year warranty. There was also a need to provide a fire extinguisher to cover the outside wood storage area so we installed a fire extinguisher complete with wall cabinet to protect it from the elements.

We really enjoy our working at the Edward Barnsley Workshop. It is located in a tranquil, beautiful countryside and it is a pleasure to see some of the works of art that they produce.



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