Fire Extinguishers For Lithium Batteries

Below are some photos of one of the Class D fire extinguishers that we supplied to one of our clients in Petersfield. They have a large warehouse and several areas where they charge batteries which are used to power the vehicles that they use to move pallets.

What is a Class D Fire Extinguisher?

Class D fire extinguishers are used on fires involving flammable metals such as magnesium, cadmium, titanium, aluminium and lithium. Conventional fire extinguishers cannot be used to fight these fires and can actually make them worse if used.

Class D extinguishers use a special powder filling which is discharged through a lance with a cup attachment on the end. The powder is discharged onto the burning metal which smothers it and encases it.

Where will a Class D Fire Extinguisher be needed?

Class D fire extinguishers are mainly used in areas where metals are machined or quantities or batteries are charged.

For metal machining an example may be where aluminium is being drilled or machined and there is aluminium dust or swarf laying about which could catch fire.

Batteries manufactured using lithium can be volatile and they can burn at a high temperature and be difficult to extinguish. These types of batteries are common and can be found in mobile phone repair workshops, power tools and warehouses where they are used to power vehicles used to move pallets.

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