Does your PAT Testing company open plugs and check fuses?

When carrying out PAT Testing we open every plug and check every fuse. When doing this we often get clients looking surprised and saying that the previous company never did that. The simple truth is that to PAT Testing cannot be carried out properly without a opening up plugs and checking fuses. The picture above shows a fuse that we found whilst carrying out PAT Testing in Southampton. This fuse has probably blown at some time however someone has taken the trouble to solder a piece of wire across it to keep it working. Other common DIY repairs that we find are fuses wrapped in tin foil or simply replaced with bolts or screws. Fuses blow for a reason and it is normally because an electrical appliance has been overloaded or developed a fault. The fuse is like a weak link in a chain and is there as a safety measure. Altering fuses that have blown or replacing them with screws poses a risk of fire because they are unlikely to disconnect the appliance at the required current should another fault occur.

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