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Fixed Appliance Testing in Hampshire & West Sussex

It's not just portable appliances that need regular inspection and testing.

Fixed electrical appliances are found in every work place however when were yours last inspected or tested for safety? Fixed electrical appliances are often large and comprised of metal parts. They offer just as much risk to users as smaller portable appliances. Fixed electrical appliances are normally missed out when PAT Testing is carried out and when the fixed wiring test is undertaken the wiring is normally only tested up until the point of isolation for the appliance. There is therefore a range range of equipment such as hand dryers, heaters and overns which fall between the two maintenance schemes and are often overlooked when testing is carried out.

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Our Test Equipment

We have a range of test equipment that we use to test fixed electrical appliances. All of our test equipment is calibrated annually.

What is a Fixed Appliance?

Most electrical appliances found in the workplace are fitted with plugs. However some electrical appliances are draw more current than 13 amps or for practical reasons are not designed to be fitted with a plug. These appiances are normally connected directly to a fused switch or wired directly into the fixed electrical installation.

Examples of fixed electrical appliances would be items such as hand dryers in toilet areas or a large free standing electric cooker in the kitchen. 

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What is Fixed Appliance Testing?

Because they are not fitted with a plug fixed electrical appliances cannot normaly be plugged into a PAT Tester and are therefore not normally tested when PAT Testing is carried out. A different type of tester and testing methods are required to test most fixed appliances. Testing fixed appliances will normally involve a visual inspection and then appropriate electrical tests.


Visual Inspection

  • removing switches and fused spurs to check for correct polarity and termination.

  • checking fuses in fused spurs for the correct rating.

  • checking flexes and casing for damage.


Electrical Tests

  • earth continuity.

  • insulation resistance.

  • polarity.

  • earth fault loop impedance.

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