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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for electrical enclosures

Our PAFSS LPS 1666 Certified fire suppression systems are a versatile and cost effective way of protecting your critical electrical enclosures from fire.

At Elite Fire & Electrical Protection we are proud to offer the unique PAFSS fire suppressions systems manufactured by Jactone in Great Britain. These installations offer peace of mind for clients looking to specify a fully tested, approved and certified solution for fire protection of their electrical enclosures. PAFSS Direct Low Pressure (DLP) fixed fire suppression systems have been specifically designed to protect small enclosures in accordance with Loss Prevention Standard, LPS 1666. These systems provide protection inside the enclosure and discharge at the heart of the fire, extinguishing quickly and preventing the fire from spreading to neighbouring enclosures, equipment and the wider building. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to personnel and losses caused by down time and operational disruption.

How does P.A.F.S.S work?

PAFSS stands for Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression System. These systems are designed specifically to protect electrical enclosures and are certified to Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1666. 

PAFSS systems comprise of a cylinder of clean agent extinguishant that is either fixed to the wall or external surface of the electrical enclosure. A detection tube is connected to the valve of the cylinder and runs through the area to be protected and is sited in close proximity to risk areas where fires are most likely to start. In the unfortunate event that a fire starts the detection tube will be melted by the flame which then releases the clean agent directly onto the site of the fire. As the extinguishant continues to be released the extinguishant will fill the enclosure suppressing any other fire that may be present.

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PAFSS units are straight forward to install and maintain. Once installed they last for 10 years and simply require an annual service every year similar to a fire extinguisher. These systems can protect up to 4 simultaneous enclosures making them a good alternative to the more costly room suppression systems that are often used. The clean agent extinguishant is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and will not cause corrosion if discharged. For added flexibility the installations can be fitted with warning alarms that activation has occurred or alternatively be connected to the fire alarm system.

Benefits of P.A.F.S.S systems

  • Simple to install and maintain.

  • Fast automatic actuation.

  • Linear heat and flame detection allowing for an unlimited number of detection points.

  • Highly reliable detection tube which remains unaffected by dirt, debris and oil.

  • Flexible detection tubing can be located adjacent to the identified risk areas, providing fast effective detection.

  • Requires no power supply for detection or actuation, remaining operational during power interruptions.

  • Superbly engineered specialist valves and pressure vessels containing clean agent extinguishant.

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